Last December we reviewed our first full year of business and assessed our wins, our losses (lessons learned though amiright?!) and where we could optimize. The first quarter of this year was spent wrapping up projects from 2018 and sneaking in a much needed vacation in the sun. [Heather, when’s your blog on your epic travels to Australia coming? just sayin’]

When we came back the intent was to take a pause and step back to review our services, our value and who we could help the most. What came out of our meeting were answers to questions we had when we first started, but this time we were in a place to make educated decisions. It was clear this was the time to design our website the way we had originally dreamed.

We took our own advice to “just start”

We launched our website with 2 pages. A homepage and a blog. We could have got held up waiting until we had more content, a more complete portfolio section, pages on our process and details on our services, but we launched with a minimum viable offering knowing we would come back to it. It worked. The phones rang whether we had 2 pages or a 20 page website.

Our portfolio can speak for itself

It was finally time to showcase all the work we had under our belt! When we launched our website 1.0 we knew it was risky coming out with less than a handful of projects completed under the F+L brand. How would people know we were awesome if they didn’t see it for themselves? Good news is people did have confidence in our abilities and we won them over with our personable approach and thoughtful proposals. Well now website 2.0 is chuck full of our work you can check it out for yourself.

Coming full circle

Part of the take-aways from our review was to validate our core products and services. We also identified new skills we want to grow into that might evolve our model in the future. But for now we know who we are and where we fit in the market. And that means passing on a lead to someone that’s more qualified if that’s what the client needs. But if you’re a small business owner that wants to make a great first impression we’ll tailor your brand strategy, build you a website and killer marketing strategy that will turn heads. You can’t be everything to everyone, but we’re the duo that will set you up for success so you can take your business to the next level.

Have a look at the new site