If you build it, they will come. Isn’t that what Field of Dreams led us to believe? Unfortunately, it’s not that easy getting people to visit your website. It requires a systematic approach and a tried, tested and true methodology.

Let’s take it back a step. Why does website traffic even matter? Short answer is: the more people you bring to your site, the more potential to attract new customers, improve your rank in search, and build credibility in your business. Enter content marketing.  

There’s been a lot of buzz about content marketing these days. But if asked at a cocktail party could you tell them what it is, and how you use it as part of your marketing and sales strategy? Here’s the short answer to keep in your back pocket. Content marketing is about bringing visitors to your site through channels such as blogs, search engines and social media by offering visitors useful and relevant content. People have become increasingly skeptic about advertising, and are engaging less and less with traditional media. They’re using ad-blockers and fast-forwarding through commercials. Building and publishing informative and valuable content that is there when people are searching for it is the new sweet spot where customers and businesses meet.

How does it work? Well, say you’re a fence manufacturing company. Other than coming up in a search for “Fencing companies in Toronto” when someone has an immediate need, you can go a little broader by creating a blog titled “Best fences for dogs”, or “Fence design trends to match your style”.  Creating content that is relevant to people that are not in the market, will reach people in the consideration stage. And, if everything goes as planned, think of you when they’re ready to buy.

The point is, whether you’re a fence company or a small design agency, content marketing is a great tool to help grow your business and find new customers. And the good news is we can help you with that. See what we’re all about.