We knew the question would come. Where did the name Feather and Line come from? One could ask the same of musicians and their band name. Most of the time they say it was something they stumbled upon, or means something to them.

In playing around with our names, Heather and Leanne (do you see it now?), it came about organically and seemed to stick because of it’s contrast and harmony. There is something about the juxtaposition of hard and soft, linear and light that seemed right. It also mirrored our business partnership. Both parts equally as valuable to the end product. And in our case, we are stronger as a team than the sum of our individual parts.

Leanne’s Story

I walked away from the corporate world after a respectable 15 years of service to pursue an idea that wouldn’t leave me alone. I left the security of a paycheck, a paved road ahead, and an unrelenting ticking clock that reminded me how fast time was moving. In a world that is so uncertain these days how could anyone say no to take a risk for the right reasons? Because it’s scary as hell, that’s why.

I started my professional career in Vancouver, as an intern at Western Living and Vancouver Magazine by day, and slinging drinks on Davie Street by night. But Ontario was calling me back home, and I transferred to TC. Media’s Toronto office after a couple of years and began working in sales and advertising. Advertising was my bag. It came naturally to me, where my creativity and client-facing abilities allowed me excel. I moved over to St. Joseph Media into what has still been my most creatively satisfying role to date as a creative marketing specialist. I couldn’t believe they paid me to dream up creative advertising features (microsites, print ads, videos etc.), brought to life by designers, and pitched to top brands. In 2008, the bubble burst, and so did the publishing industry. Our close-knit team went in different directions, but looking back, it was a critical growth experience. It propelled me into the digital space, right as the technology industry was ramping up. I parlayed that into my last role, as the Manager of Digital Content & Community team, made up of content producers, email and social media specialists. I had finally reached a career milestone to lead a creative team, and execute a strategic vision that was driving the company forward.  However that idea, the vision, the dream to run my own creative shop and make a difference to small business owners was still there. And it kept getting louder.

I am thrilled about turning the page to the next chapter of my book. Taking lessons, learnings and business insights I have collected over the last decade and a half and applying them to something I believe in and truly help people. 

Heather’s Story

I grew up with humble beginnings along the beautiful coast of Whiterock, BC. As a child I used to play in Microsoft Paint for fun, building graphics and images that I could post on my MSN account (way back when that was cool). At the time I subconsciously gleaned inspiration from my father who always had his nose in a computer building software applications. I remember one time in grade 3 I was given a school assignment to build a board game. The other kids came in with folding Bristol boards and plastic Monopoly pieces, and I had an HTML coded quiz my dad and I threw together on a Saturday. I graduated high school and came to Ontario to attend McMaster University’s Multimedia and Communications program. Opposed to what some say about “the Hammer” I fell in love with Hamilton’s charm and artistic community. After completing the program I moved to Toronto to pursue a career in IT UX/UI design. The city was cool, but I moved back to Hamilton full time in 2015 and never looked back.

The Next Chapter

As much as we’re unique, our vision for Feather and Line productions is parallel. Our creativity and passion for building exceptional customer experiences is what drives us to help others uncover and tell their compelling story, and ultimately, stand out among the rest.

This is our story. See what we are all about