A room with a view

This is where the magic happens. My home office is my little corner of the house (situated directly to the left of the front foyer so clients don’t need to trapes through our home). I can’t wait until spring comes and I can throw open the window and smell the freshly cut grass. Ahem, let’s stay focused here though. My husband and I transformed this room last year when I was gearing up to quit corporate and take on entrepreneurship. Where did I turn to get some inspiration? Why Pinterest of course! The feature wall behind my desk was inspired by a pic I saw and thought, I can do that (with the help of my mom). I used some old paint from past projects and turned the terrible taupe into a fresh geometric feature.

The french door is perfect for shutting out the noise, but not feeling closed-off from the rest of the house. My boys (Rusty included) like to look in at me when I’m working away.

The pendant light is the room’s crowning glory. I looked online for weeks, and the winner turned out to be the Garbiel Chandelier from Canadian Tire’s CANVAS lighting. Plus, I timed it right and got it on sale! The bulbs were extra though.

Paint Colours (Benjamin Moore) Light Grey (Grey Owl), Dark Grey (Playful Porpoise), White (Simply White), Blue (Blue Slate).

The inspiration

I found this mouse pad (who even uses mouse pads anymore really?) which was the first purchase for my new office. I absolutely felt like I was launching myself off a cliff by giving up a full-time, established and well-paying career! But I was set on making my dream a reality. The rest seem to fall into place.

Pops of colour

How could you not be cheery surrounded by fresh floral colours. I’m really digging the soft hues these days; watery blues, millenial pink, rose gold, with hits of vibrant colours to wake it all up. I love that you don’t need a ton of colour to make an impression. Though the walls and furniture are neutral, I’ve brought in colour using art, note books and office stationary. All are easily swapped out based on the season, colour trends or your mood. For now I’m sticking with pinks, apple green and punchy orange.

My kind of love notes

I find myself jotting things down on post-its. Maybe because I can’t commit to just one note book. From time to time I’ll write a little motivational message to myself and stick it on the wall for fun.

Inspirational reads

If ever I feel stumped, I just take a break and retreat with a book. Nothing seems to combat creative block, or gain perspective like reading.

A little teak goes a long way

This little gem was rescued from the dump. Poor thing. It was 1992 and no one wanted teak in their brass and glass abodes. So my mom hung onto it (thank goodness!) and got her to agree to donate it to the new business venture. Must have caught her in a weak moment, I wouldn’t want to part with this baby.

It’s the little things

I’m not a girly girl. I didn’t play dress up when I was a child, I would rather play Lego and watch Spider-Man with my brothers. So at this stage in my life I appreciate pretty little things, which seem to end up in my office. Guys get a man-cave, well I get an airy office. Even though we have a devoted work space in our house my husband still chooses to work at the dining room table. Guess I must have put my mark on this part of the house. And that’s ok. I can call call the shots as #GirlBoss.