Minimal, clean, airy websites have been popular for awhile but depending on your purpose, using dark colours can be very impacting. Black is sophisticated, dramatic and when used correctly can give extra prominence to your content. The classic hue can evoke emotion, which is important if you want to be memorable and leave a lasting impression. The reason why it is effective is because other colours (even bright colours like yellow and vibrant blue) stand out more against a black or navy background than on a light palette. Dark design choices are great for highlighting your key messages and visual content.

Dark and dramatic websites are especially suitable for creative professionals in photography, fashion, design and technology industries.  Here are a few of our favourite dark websites to get you inspired.

Modern Crafting

Dark website
Why it works: The large, white text is super high-contrast so it really stands out. 

Petro Completions

Dark website

Why it works: The minimal colour palette gives the design an uncluttered look.


Dark websites

Why it works: The dark background helps add depth to the design.


Dark websites

Why it works: Plenty of ‘white space’ frame the important design elements.

In general, consider using primarily black or other dark colours such as navy or a deep green when you want a creative website that conveys a specific emotion (ie grunge, elegance, drama).