When I’m not on a client call, having a partners meeting downtown, or on content shoot day, you can find Heather and I in our home offices [check out our blog with the office pics here]. At the risk of sounding cliche (even that sounds cliche!) life as a mompreneur is a helluva balancing act. Heck, it’s a balancing act as a stay-at-home-mom, corporate crusader, or service worker juggling shift hours! Hats off to each and every of the workin’ moms and dads. Personally speaking though, one of the biggest reasons I chose to start my own business was because I was devoting too much of my time being a good corporate citizen. I wanted to place my energy in the things that would really make a difference.  My clients businesses, my boys, a travelling hubby, a busy household, the pooch and oh yeah – myself! It hasn’t all been roses and quiet mornings with coffee, but here’s a sneak peek into a day in the life of this mompreneur.

Wake Up Call

6:45 am Rise and shine.

7:15 am Wake the kids, serve breakfast, make lunches, get the boys dressed. Throw in the occasional, “Hurry up! Let’s go! You’re going to be late! Where are your mitts?!” I mean what else gets you going in the morning like the chaos of getting kids off to school?

7:45 am RUN them to the bus stop (yes, we’re that family).

8:00 am Bring my coffee (or smoothie) into my office and open up my emails. Follow up on open leads. Get back to requests, and read a couple of blogs. Catch up on news and political headlines, some celebrity trash, and digital industry news. Sign up for another newsletter and receive yet another email in my inbox. Wait, I thought I was trying to get my inbox DOWN?

9:00 am Check in with Heather, discuss today’s priorities and social content. Talk about the pups. The conversation seems to always lead there.

10:15 am Client call. Add a couple to-do’s on the list.

10:45 am Break for a snack, throw a load of laundry in. Think “what’s for dinner tonight”? Do nothing about it.

Afternoon delight

12:00 pm Work until noon and then take Rusty for a walk. He stops to sniff everything.

12:45 pm Make a healthy lunch with whatever’s in the fridge that needs to be eaten up. Should really take something out for dinner. Do nothing about it.

1:00 pm Back at my desk. Finish up content for a new landing page, shoot it over to Heather for her eyeballs and up it goes. Strike a few things off the to-do list.

2:15 pm New lead came in. Hooray! Get working on pitch deck to send out before the boys get off the bus.

3:06 pm Crap! Where did the time go? Press send on the pitch deck to potential customer, and RUN to the bus stop.

3:45 pm After getting the boys settled with some homework or colouring I’m back in my office. Small faces come to the French doors asking for snacks or iPad. I give in for a few more uninterrupted minutes to finish up.

Home time

4:45 pm Crap! Where did the time go? Okay what are we having for dinner REALLY? Throw something together, look like a superstar and really don’t know how. Thank goodness for pasta and frozen shrimp.

5:30 pm Daddy’s home! Crack a bottle of vino (on a good day) and share stories.

6:00 pm Dinner, clean up and check homework.

7:30 pm Bedtime for boys. Songs, stories and snuggles (I always make time for this, even on bad days).

8:00 pm One last check of work emails. Scan social (I consider it my wind-down to the day). Momma’s gotta get her ‘stories’ in. Insta stories that is. Maybe play around with some designs with my laptop in front of the TV.

9:30 pm Turn to my husband. What should we watch? There’s only a half hour before bed hun. Find something on Netflix or HBO.

10:00 pm Bedtime, kiss goodnight. Another day done.

The truth about working from home

Notice I didn’t always manage to get a work out in, or wash my hair? That happens some days as a mompreneur. You’re so focused on getting everyone together, and even putting your business priorities first that you don’t always sneak in time for yourself. But we all know it’s about balance. So I’ve been managing to get out to a night yoga class, or will take a long shower one morning when the house is quiet. I’ll even have the time to slather on some sweet smelling lotion that used to just sit in my cupboards (time I used to devote to my commute to work!) It’s a little luxury to myself, and I don’t feel one bit guilty for it.

As an entrepreneur, I have the freedom to allow my mind be creative, instead of a vice grip of stress around my mental capacity. I can gauge how I’m doing at work by how happy my clients are. I can get my kids off the bus. I have time back on the weekends to spend with my family because I don’t have a pile of accumulated laundry. I have unwashed hair, and I’m the most fulfilled I’ve been in years.