Custom branding assets, they’re a key element of your branding that sets you apart and elevates your signature on all branded materials. Supplementary brand assets can be a secondary logo, a favicon or mark, or signature design details that tie back into your overarching brand strategy and primary logo.

Plug-and-play templates (both for logos and websites) are great for anyone starting out in business. They’re accessible and they do the trick to get you up and running! But were they designed specifically for your unique business, audience or rooted in strategy? Okay, maybe not. You might reach a place where you question if your branding is serving you any longer. You’ve evolved, you’ve grown, you see your differentiators now.

The reason we put so much care into the branding process is because the output is much more than just a logo, it’s an entire suite of design elements that lay the groundwork for future assets like your social media feed, website and branded marketing materials. It all ties back to that brand work! And it’s the main reason why we include some form of brand strategy before we design anything for our clients.

Here are a few examples of some of the supplementary elements that help support the primary logo. And some examples of it in play:

For business owners that are looking to create a sustainable foundational and set their biz up for the next level these are some of the small but mighty elements that create authenticity, differentiation and make a difference to your audiences.

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