Working with models is never an easy task. But what about the K9 variety? This year we wanted to send out a Holiday card from the whole family. Including our mascots. There were lots of laughs, dog treats, and sore arms trying to restrain an 80 lb puppy. But let’s let the outtakes tell how it really went.

1. The models meet and become instant BFFs.

Dog models meeting

2. Scarf props come out. Hank is not sure who can be trusted.

3. They decide to stick together through the ridicule.

4. We learned that Rusty and Leanne’s relationship is mostly one-sided.

5. Okay maybe entirely one-sided.

6. Our stand-in didn’t realize how little fun this would be.

7. But has no problem giving Leanne the love she needs.

8. Hank was cooperative but his face tells a different story.

9. He’d rather be sleeping.

10. The self-timer group shots were undeniably the least successful of the day.

Success! We finally get the shot.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from all of us at Feather and Line.